Professional TV Installation in Fort Mill, South Carolina

Infinite Designs caters to Fort Mill SC, and now you can enlist our professional tv installers to have all of your TVs wall mounted to your exact standards. We work hard and go the extra mile to provide each customer with high quality service.

Whether you are moving offices, relocating homes, want your home theater setup created immediately or you have just bought a new TV, our professional tv installers have you covered! We understand how long TV delivery can take, and to make life easier we will send an installer to pick your TV up from the local store and bring it to you for a small fee.

Forget all of the worry, and let Infinite Designs offer you a totally seamless process.

Expert Opinions to Help You Make the Most of Your Home Theater

Our professional technicians will mount your TV at whatever height you prefer. However, they're also happy to offer their professional opinion for the optimum height for your viewing pleasure. Our technicians take your health into consideration, as mounting the TV too high can lead to migraines as you strain to view the television comfortably.

The lower you can mount your TV the better, though viewing distance can factor in to the equation and a tilting wall mount can be an excellent compromise. With the tilting mount you can hang the TV higher!

There are many factors to consider when placing speakers, too. Any number of factors could result in a poor performing system. Infinite Designs technicians will work with you to optimize your speaker placement to provide you with the experience you are looking to achieve. If you don’t have a sound system, discuss your preferences with the technician on hand. Infinite Design offers several affordable options that can add excitement to movie night.

During the holiday season and Black Friday, many stores offer Fort Mill, SC residents bargains on new TVs. This makes it a popular time of year to invest in a new system. It might be the season for giving to others, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also treat yourself. Allow Infinite Designs to assist in making your holiday season merry and bright.

Can't fit a new TV into the holiday budget? Don't worry! We're available year-round to help!

With rock bottom TV prices, it’s difficult to overlook the chance to upgrade your hardware and when you upgrade your hardware, it’s time to call in the professionals to get your home theater finished with our professional TV mounting service.

Infinite Designs Can Mount Your TV ANYWHERE

Whether you want your TV mounted above the fireplace or in the kitchen, Infinite Designs can take care of all of your needs. Every installation package includes a free tilting wall mount. The tilt feature prevents annoying glare from ruining your viewing experience. The tilt mount is ideal for ensuring you can mount your TV wherever you want, and that you can enjoy your viewing in comfort.

The tilt mount is especially useful when mounting TVs above fireplaces- though, it can be used in any room of your home. You can utilize the tilt mount in your kitchen to ensure you don’t miss a single second of your game or show while you’re completing food prep, or entertaining guests. You can even install it in an RV to ensure that your TV stays put in even the bumpiest of journeys.

TV installation has a wide range of uses for any room, including commercial properties, bedrooms, living rooms, and in creating an epic home theater. With Infinite Design the possibilities are endless. Our engineers work with each client to find out individual needs and preferences to create a media space that is perfect for you. We carry a wide range of products and components that will finish your project perfectly.

Protecting Your Investment with Professional TV Installation

While a TV might not be a traditional investment, it’s a high-ticket item that may be a big chunk of your paycheck, or even more.

You have invested a lot of money into the purchase, so it only makes sense that you want to get the best installation that your money can buy. For Fort Mill SC residents, that is Infinite Designs. With some of the lowest prices in the country, and the greatest service, you’re in good hands.

Having your TV mounted professionally means it is protected and secured, allowing you to watch TV without compromising your personal style or fear of the tv being easily removed from the wall and stolen.

No matter what TV mount you decide on, Infinite Designs technicians carry several options, so that you don’t have to run all over town trying to find the right style, size, and fit for your TV. We work hard to limit your stress to ensure your TV installation process is simple and straightforward.

Your mounting needs could be based on a number of factors, including furniture arrangement, pets, and children. If you want your TV mounted high, you can opt for a tilt mount so you don’t need to worry about eye strain and neck pain from looking up for extended periods of time.

Our professionals are prepared to offer their advice to help each client make the best decision for their particular setup and situation. If you don’t agree with their opinion, we will still happily install your TV at the height you prefer.

Infinite Designs offers the best rates in the Fort Mill area. Wall mounting packages start at just $89!

You’re in good hands when you choose our team for your wall mounting needs. Whether you are kitting out your office space, or creating an epic media room at home, Infinite Designs can take care of all of your needs.

Or visit Infinite Designs to schedule your free phone consultation!